• Alliastar de Polis

    Alliastar de Polis

    Unremarkable man with wide connections, looking to eliminate corruption in the Empire
  • Colgar Outrider

    Colgar Outrider

    Tall and powerfully built, Colgar cuts an imposing figure. Now with a shaved head and wind burnt face devoid of tattoos. He dresses in the furs of his homeworld over his bodyglove for now.
  • Sister Constintina Brutilla

    Sister Constintina Brutilla

    A tall athletic woman of stern countenance. Her crimson powerarmor is of obvious Adeptus Sororita design but bears no trappings of any chapter. Her weapon of choice is a Thunder Hammer symbol of the Emperors authority. A woman in crisis.
  • The Mighty Boon

    The Mighty Boon

    Rogue Trader / Pirate Extraordinaire