Decimus Aurelius

Hive World Scum of Questionable Repute



  • WS:27
  • BS:40{2}
  • S:29
  • T:23
  • Ag:39{1}
  • Int:32
  • Per:35{1}
  • WP:37
  • Fel:48{2}
  • Fate:2
  • Wounds:14

XP Spent: 4950
XP Remaining: 50


Short and scrawny with a mutable personality. A walking collection of nervous tics with a shock red hair atop his head.

Born and raised in Gunmetal City on Scintilla, Decimus has spent most of his life profiting off the misfortune of others. Part time dealer, pimp, and confidence artist, Decimus could either be a powerful ally or a terrible pain in the ass to anyone who has dealings with the underworld.

Decimus Aurelius

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