Magnus Titus

    o (WS)—32 0
    o (BS)—36 2
    o (S)—27 0
    o (T)—40 2
    o (Ag)—36 0
    o (Int)—36 1
    o (Per)—36 0
    o (WP)— 47 1
    o (Fel)—29 0
    o Wounds—14
    o Fate—3
  • XP to Spend— 200
  • XP Spent— 4950

Magnus Titus was High Master Maximilion Icarus’ most talented student. So talented in fact that when high Master Icarus discovered the location of the Holy Pamphlet Nocturnus Optimus Operandi, Magnus was the first of his requisitions for the task of retrieving the lost pamphlets. Magnus Titus was assigned to a field recovery team to the Eldar occupied planet, Seti IV.

Magnus Titus and High Master Icarus landed with the second wave of the Mordian Fighting Fifteenth Legionnaires who proved their mettle in the twelve year campaign to recover the holy pamphlets. Magnus Titus embraced his duty to the fullest throughout the early years of the campaign surrendering limb after limb in the service of the Emperor. His focus on securing the holy pamphlets lead him the front lines on many occasions often times researching in ancient libraries as the battle raged around him. It was during this time of service he gained the moniker “Servitor Bane” from his peers, for none of the servitors and very few guardsmen assigned to protecting Magnus Titus ever returned with him.

During the final months of the campaign, High Master Icarus was felled in an advance to retake Seti IV’s primary hive and manufacturing center. Few of the remaining tech priests were as familiar with the primary objective as Magnus Titus so it was left to him to retrieve the pamphlets. Under the watchful eye of the now interested inquisition, Magnus Titus continued to push the Mordian generals forward. As his predecessor, the loss of life was of no consequence as he was in visual contact with his primary objective. He could read the large signs of Nocturnus Optimus, marking his destination. Thousands upon thousands of guardsmen had died on the campaign, high Priest Icarus had give his all, and Magnus Titus himself had lost both an arm and leg for the holy scripture about to be located. The scripture that would unlock all of the secrets of Nocurnus Optimus was close at hand. A few more weeks of fierce battles occurred before Magnus Titus located the prize: The schematics for night vision binoculars.

Magnus Titus

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