Quintos Reichson

Adept Acolyte, Imperial Hive-born


5000xp spent

  • Attributes
    • WS:25
    • BS:28
    • S:30
    • T:33
    • A:41(1)
    • I:50(3)
    • P:40(1)
    • W:45(1)
    • F:24
    • Wounds:12
    • Fate: 2
  • Skills
    • Languages: Low Gothic, High Gothic
    • Secret Tongue: Administratum (I)
    • Common Lores: Ecclesiarchy, Tech, Administratum, Imperial Creed, War, Imperium+10 (I)
    • Scholastic Lores: Occult, Legends+10 (I)
    • Forbidden Lores: Heresy, Mutants, Cults+10 (I)
    • Tech-Use (I)
    • Logic (I)
    • Trade(Copyist) (I)
    • Literacy +10 (I)
    • Medicae+10* (I)
    • Dodge (A)
    • Blather+10* (F)
    • Melee Primitive
    • Light Sleeper
    • Sprint
    • Unremarkable
    • Resistance(cold, poison)
    • Electro Graft Use
    • Basic Weapon (Las)
    • Master Chirurgeon
    • *Talented (Medicae, Blather)
    • Step Aside
    • Armour of Contempt
    • Binary Chatter

– Administratum Data Warden – he is a stocky, bordering on fat man with a ruddy complexion, short cropped messy blond hair, and small, simple, yet obviously augmetic eye lenses. He comes from Kulth where he originally worked to preserve the records of the conflict against the greenskins there. He was eventually transferred to a triage center, maintaining vital records to the facility’s operation. It was in his spare time at this medical facility that he personally recorded thousands of medical procedures, and soon after he was cross-trained as an emergency medical technician. He showed a unique talent and helped save thousands of imperial souls with the combination of his knowledge of medical data and his skilled hand. It was soon after a high-ranking member of the Ordo Hereticus was treated and released from one of the battlefield hospitals where Quintos was working that he was noticed and offered a new job…
Quintos was a young middle hiver that actually managed to transition to upper hive life because of his skills as a surgeon. He worked and learned in several major hospitals before eventually becoming Hospital Administrator at a prestigious facility on Scintilla. He developed a love for record keeping, almost an obsession with keeping things in order around the hospital. He helped root out several ‘inefficiencies’ that turned out to be corrupt medical suppliers. The scale of some of his findings were so large that an assassin was sent to kill him, and nearly managed to do so before agents of the inquisition swept in, saving his life, and taking him away to show him a new life where his focus and determination could be better spent…
He was transported to Scintilla where he was briefly trained and given some simple tasks by the inquisition to see if he was fit for service, during this time, he brought a data anomoly to the attention of his superiors, which helped bring to light a traitor within the ranks of the training facility, selling off inquisitorial information, Astrid Skane personally tracked and executed this traitor before presenting Quintos with an award and a position within her cadre.

Quintos Reichson

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