Sister Constintina Brutilla

A tall athletic woman of stern countenance. Her crimson powerarmor is of obvious Adeptus Sororita design but bears no trappings of any chapter. Her weapon of choice is a Thunder Hammer symbol of the Emperors authority. A woman in crisis.


Adeptus Sororita Rank:10 Palantine

Height: 5’9" Weight: 165 Hair: Blonde Eye: Green Age: 30 Home World: Holy Terra

Divination: Be a boon to your Brothers and a bane to your enemies.

Exp on hand: 600

Exp spent 20,300

Weapon Skill: 46 (2)
Ballistic Skill: 45 (3)
Strength: 41 (1)
Toughness: 41 (2)
Agility: 43 (2)
Intelligence: 41 (2)
Perception: 53 (2)
Willpower: 50 (4)
Fellowship: 36 (1)

Wounds: 21
Influence: 19

Ascended Abilities: Favored of the Emperor, Miracle Worker

Notable Equipment:

Best Quality Adeptus Sororitas Power Armor, Comlink, rebreather, targeter.
Liber Daemonicus of the Grey Knights ( Book of Adorjian) +30 Daemonology
Rule of the Sororitas: +10 Ecclesiarchy, Heretics
Luminous Reproach Holy Power Sword. +10 Parry, +10 WS, generates 1 fate per round vs warp creatures.
Thunder Hammer
Forearm Powerblade +25 parry
Brace of Godwyn Daez Bolt Pistols with red dot sights and Exterminators attached
Melta Gun (not carried)
Ring of Sufferage (Charm)
Mantel of Priol IV (Charm)
Chaplet Ecclesiasticus (psuedo charm)
Blessed bolt shell inscibed with runes. Always reappears, effective against warp creatures.


Awareness: +20

Charm: Trained -10 when dealing with criminal types

Chem-Use: Trained

Climb: Trained

Concealment: Trained

Command: Trained

Common Lores
Administratum: Trained +10
Ecclesiarchy: Trained +10
Imperial Creed: Trained +10
Imperium:Trained +10
War: Trained +10
Philosophy: Trained +10

Dodge: +20

Drive Ground Vechicle: Trained

Forbidden Lores
Psyker: Trained
Heresy: Trained
Deamonology: Trained
Ordo Hereticus: Trained

Infused Knowledge (Ascended)

Inquiry: Trained

Interrogation: +10


Logic: Trained

Medicae: Trained

Navigation Surface: Trained

Observation Mastery (Ascended)

Performer Vocalist: Trained

Scolastic Lore Legend: Trained

Scrutiny: +20 -10 when dealing with criminal types.

Search: +20

Speak High Gothic: Trained

Speak Low Gothic: Trained

Speak Throne Agent: Trained

Trade Copiest: Trained

Trade Apothicary: Trained

Talents and traits

Weapon training:

Basic Solid projectile

Melee primiative

Pistol Solid projectile

Basic primative

Pistol laser

Pistol Bolt

Basic Bolt

Two Weapon Ranged.

Two Weapon Melee

Basic Weapon Flamer

Basic Weapon Melta

Melee Weapon: Power


Armour of Contempt


Blade master

Cleanse and Purify

Combat Master

Crushing Blow

Die Hard

Duel Shot

Double Team

Duty Unto Death


Gun Fighter

Hip Shooting

Lightning Attack

Lightning Reflexes


Mental Fortress

Pure Fatih

Quick Draw

Rapid reload

Resist Psychic power.

Sound Con X 10

Step Aside

Strong Minded

Swift Attack

Tempered Will

Fatih Powers:

Blessed Radience

Burden of Guilt

daemon Trap

Divine Guidance

Holy Light

Martyrs Gift

Repel daemon

Soul Decay

Wrait of the Righteous


Little is known of Sister Brutilla’s past. Orphaned at the age of three and raised by the Eeccleiarchy the Church has been all she has known. The fate and identiies of her parents has been officially sealed by the Inquisition. This seal is being brought into question now by certain factions within the Inquisition, who was responsible for its implementation? Just who were they and who is this woman the church sheltered and reared.

A former member of the Order of the Eternal Gate Brutilla was listed as a combat medic for Recupere Squad Dominicus. Her first mission was a dangerous mission into the depths of a Space Hulk bearing a ship of ancient design. Brutilla alone escaped from the hulk clutching an ancient datapad and the Guardian Spear bearing the markings of the Legio Custodes. The most important item however was secreted with in medical pack. An ancient paper document sealed in scroll case bearing the Emperors seal.

The Guardian Spear and Data pad found their way into the hands of the Church. What the Church did not know was the nature of the data once found on ancient pad. Canoness Vanessa Arleon of the Order of the Eternal Gate had erased it. The information she had found on the pad and written int he ancient document had shaken her faith to its core. Sister Arleon shared the information with her Palantine Sister Fernando. Together they questioned Brutilla for every scrap of information they could concerning the mission in the space hulk. The three of them bear a terrible secret, one that at the time Brutilla could not bear. She took the vows of the Sisters Oblatia for the what was undisclosed reasons, Sister Arleon knew though. Brutilla took the vows to atone for the Church in its entirety for it was all based on a lie. The documents they had found was written in the Emperoors own hand and sealed with his blood. The document was his rebuke of his very son Loregar for teaching that the Emperor was a god.(

Brutilla was inducted into the Inquisition under the Inquisitor Astrid Skane. Brutilla served well during her time in the Inquistion. While in the Inquisition Brutilla became aware of the corruption within the Inquisition when Astrids enemies tried to kill her and her cel mates. It seemed nothing was pure and though she agreed with Astrids Recongregator philosophies she disagreed that it was the Inquisitions duty to lead that movement, they were too corrupt themselves. Durning her time in the Inquisiton She recovered the sword Luminous Reproach a holy relic once bore by the Inquisitor Adorjan. She used the sword to defeat a vile deamon of the warp that threatened the planet of Priol IV earning her heroic status.

That status came at an important time but unltimatly did not protect her. Elements with the inquistion opposing Astrid had begun to ask questions about Brutilla’s past. The data that Sister Arleon had erased was not completely gone. Snippets had been retrieved and it profoundly disturbed the finders. They began to move against the order of the Eternal Gate. A young intiiate was give the ancient scroll case and document along with a new datapad bearing the forbidden knowledge and sent to Brutilla. The truth was left in Bruitilla’s caretaking. For a time her heroism saved her. The Inquisition could not move to quickly against her and certain memebers of the Calixian Ecclesiarcy supported the young heroine for political gain.

Brutilla’s wealth of heretical truth grew overtime. Moste importantly on a war torn world she recovered the orignial book of Loregar from members of the original Word Bearers. She now had all of the teachings of Loregar that the Emperor had forbidden. In order to obtain the book she was made to swear to make the knowledge known. She is unsure to whom the oath was sealed as the Chaplain used a massive Chaos seal on the end of his Energy mace to seal her oath. However the grevious burn the seal imprinted on her hand was miraculously healed. In the Library where she and her team and the Word Bearers stood was a massive statue of the Emperor. It began to glow and she reached out and touched it. Her hand healed over and no sign of the mark remained. They escpaed the planet with their heretical treasure. Brutilla spent the long trip back to Scintilla copying the book to a databad. She turned in the book to the Alpha Marine Captain that had ordered its recovery. She wondered how he knew of its very existence let alone its location. She would have to wonder for the time being.

As luck would have it Specter Team 7 managed to kill Brutilla while she was investigating a serius of murders. Her death was not without cost to Specter Team 7. She took one of the assassins with her to the grave and her killer was near death herself when Brutilla fell.

p. Astrid was aware of what Brutilla had been amassing in part. She had not delved into the full depths so she had deniablity but thought it might be something that could be used in the future once Brutilla found more. Astrid quickly obtained Brutilla’s secret tombs and hid them away at her death.

The Emperor was not done with Brutilla though. At her state funeral on Priol IV she miraculously raised from the dead. She claimed that Saint Drusis himself had appeared to her and brought her back from oblivion to serve the Emperor. This through the Church into an uproar. Some had begun to peice together the truths that Brutilla was uncovering but had not been able to move against Astrid to find the evidence. Qustions about this information were too dangerous and great care had to be taken.

Brutilla’s vision of Saint Drusis geased with leaving the Calxis sector and going intot he Kronus Expanse. Brutilla found a Rogue Trader that was heading to the Kronus Expanse and begged passage. Astrid had delved more deeply into Brutilla’s amassed documents and was concerned. She gladely gave them back to Brutill and was glad to be rid of her as she was too dangerous to associate with.

Still Brutilla’s enemies could not move openly against her. Her ressurection by the Saint gave her too much protection. The power of the Drusian cult in the Calixus sector was powerful and her ressurection by the Saint gave them even more prestigue. They knew the danger she represented but if she was gone then they could promote her as they wished.

The factions of the church play a game now with one faction seeking to deminish Brutilla’s popularity so that they may remove her and her threat to the church and the other that seeks to elevate their version of Brutilla. If she is to die the Drusians mean for it to be a heroic death in the name of the Emperor that further advances the Drusian cult.

Now Sister Brutilla explores the kronus Expanse with the crew of the Anastasias Revenge. She is caught now in a crisus. She has teachings that show that the Emperor did not approve of being taught of as a god. However she has witnessed powers manifested that make her wonder if that is still true. Is the Emperor a god or does he appear that way because she lacks understanding. She has gathered snippets of the Emperors orginal teachings of Imperial Truth. She belives that his orginal intent was for man to advance as he did and that each human has the ability within themselves to advance. Though it is difficult to see how just a man can ressurrect her from death. She strives to understand and is seeking the answers toher questions int eh Kronus Expanse as Saint Drusis has directed.p. .

Sister Constintina Brutilla

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