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Power Groups within the Calixis Sector

This page should list orginizations alphabetically, giving a brief description of more or less ‘public’ knowledge, click on the name of each page to add in-game discovered information, or to find more ‘secret’ info as available to the inquisition

Adeptus Arbites

– Defenders of Imperial Law. (Essentially the Executive and Judicial branches of the government, with the Adeptus Terra performing Legislative functions)

Adeptus Ministorum

– All Spiritual matters of the sector, including the Synod and the Ecclesiarchy.

Adeptus Terra

– The ‘government’ of the Imperium. Responsible for ensuring that the sector fulfils its obligations to the rest of the Segmentum and the Imperium. Has the authority to establish local tithes of materials, manpower, and psykers to ensure these obligations are met. Also responsible for ensuring local governments obey Imperial Laws and never harbour the Emperor’s foes. Lord Sector Marius Hax is the Sector Governor and can appoint the subsector lords who oversee the various areas of the Calixis Sector in Terra’s name.

Calixian Conclave

– The Branch of the inquisition charged with oversight of the Calixis Sector.

Cestelle Alliance

– Noble House – Primary influence: Agriculture

Devayne Incorporation

– Great House – Primary influence: Labour (Secondary influence: religion)

House Krin

– Noble House – Primary influence: Banking

Machenko Dynasty

– Noble House with a Mysterious past. Nobles have turned Etiquette into an art. Source of great wealth is unclear.


– Violent Zealots of an intolerant Emperor cult that see sin everywhere and seek to purge it from the underhives with purifying flame.

Skaelen-Har Hegemony

– Massive Heavy Manufactoring Corporation with strong ties to the Imperial Navy and Battlefleet Calixis in particular. Practitioners of the Concordium.

Tyrantine Cabal

– Magenta Clearance Only – Secret commission of the Calixian Conclaive, created in response to the dread prophesy of Komus, the Tyrant Star.

Administratum Files

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