House Rules

Many of our previous House rules have become obsolete thanks to the rules updates in Black Crusade/Rogue Trader

When a character is stunned (from a talent or from a shock weapon) if it does not specifically mention the length of time of the stun, then the stunned character gets to make a toughness (+0) roll each time they would have normally been allowed to take an action if they were not stunned. If they pass this roll, they may act normally in their next turn. check this against the shock table, if I remember there was a general rule for ‘snapping out of it’

To make melee less useless and keep with the ‘feel’ of the 40K universe, A character will use their base weapon-skill to swing any weapons they are unfamiliar with (WS representing general fighting prowess), when they receive training (weapon proficiency), the character gets a +20 when using that weapon.

*Must be braced to auto-fire same as rules for heavy weapons

*All movement rates shift forward one column (1/2=full, full=charge, charge=run, etc)

test armour degradation rule every time armour takes a hit equal to its original rating, it loses one point of AP.
This can be repaired with a successful armorer roll, with an additional location being repaired per degree of success (or time can be cut in half for each degree of success). Each attempt takes one hour.

Critical damage is tracked per location not a running total for all locations.

Knowledge web/chain coming soon

House Rules

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