Loci Calixis


Population: 25 billion +/- 500 million

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Geography: Three main continents: (Mountainous/Volcanic southern polar, Equatorial deserts/jungle (Hive Tarsus, Hive Tenebra[extinct]), northern temperate (Hive Sibellus, Ambulon, Gunmetal City). Remainder of surface covered in marine oceans (Heavily polluted, severly depleted fish stocks). Two moons (Sothus and Lachesis). Orbital docks geostationary above Hive Tarsus.

Government type: Adeptus Terra

Planetary Governor: Sector Governor Marius Hax

Adept presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum (Goldenhand consular Taskforce), Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Choir at Hive Sibellus), Adeptus Arbites, Ordos of the Calixian Conclave High Council Officio (Palace Headquarters at Hive Sibellus)

Military: PDF-Army of the Scintillan Protectorate (medium/high quality force, headquartered at Hive Sibellus)

Trade: Exports: Major exporter of manufactured goods including starship drive components and weaponry. Imperial Guard recruits manpower from both the large PDF as well as huge underhive populations. Imports: Scintilla must rely on food imported from Calixis Agri-worlds and cannot sustain itself.


Population: 5 billion (estimated)

Tithe Grade: Exactus Median

Geography: Four main continents, extensive island chains. Primary population only on largest continent (Mountainous/rocky, dense southern soft wood forests. Largely arid climate with frequent dust storms) Very few sources of fresh water.

Government type: None/Tribal

Planetary Governor: Vervai “King” Skull

Adept presence: Very Low – Adepta Sororitas (Commandery at the Abbey of the Dawn), Administratum (Port Suffering)

Military: No imperial standing forces. Massive mercenary presence and armies in service of local warlords.

Trade: Exports: Ghostfire pollen, essential to Departmento Munitorum supply for Imperial Guard in Segmentum Obscurus. No other meaningful exports. No regular imports.

Sepheris Secundus

The Misericord

Loci Calixis

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