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Administratum Files are pages that give details regarding social groups and orginizations we’ve encountered within the imperium, There will of course be the standard available information, but there may be even more ‘behind the scenes’ info available to agents of the Inquisition.

Dramatis Personae This contains dossiers on any important people that are met during the campaign, players are of course encouraged to edit these pages with notes and information they discover.

Loci Calixis These pages contain information on locations within the Calixis sector, everything from planets to moons to starships to installations, to even specific areas and structures. Again, players are highly encouraged to document their findings as it occurs within the campaign, with further information being provided (through proper channels, of course) as the information becomes available.

Inquisitorial Information Network These pages contain information regarding the current mission, as well as any player-created notes or even requests to the inquisitors themselves.

Relics Information gathered on any items or technologies of particular note

Main Page

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