Guardsman -- Sniper

  • XP to Spend—50
  • XP Spent—12450
    • (WS)—32 0
    • (BS)—53 4
    • (S)—34 0
    • (T)—43 1
    • (Ag)—47 3
    • (Int)—33 0
    • (Per)—43 2
    • (WP)—40 1
    • (Fel)—33 0
    • Wounds—18
    • Fate—4
    • Awareness (+20)
    • Barter (B)
    • Carouse (T)
    • Charm (B)
    • Ciphers—War Cant (+10)
    • Climb (T)
    • Command (T)
    • Common Lore—Imperial Creed (T)
    • Common Lore—Imperial Guard (+10)
    • Common Lore—Imperium (T)
    • Common Lore—War (T)
    • Concealment (+20)
    • Contortionist (B)
    • Deceive (B)
    • Disguise (B)
    • Dodge (+10)
    • Drive—Ground Vehicle (T)
    • Evaluate (B)
    • Gamble (B)
    • Inquiry (T)
    • Intimidate (B)
    • Literacy (B)
    • Logic (B)
    • Navigation—Surface (+20)
    • Scrutiny (B)
    • Search (T)
    • Secret Tongue—Military (T)
    • Shadowing (Talented)
    • Silent Move (+10)
    • Speak Language—High Gothic (B)
    • Speak Language—Low Gothic (T)
    • Survival (+20)
    • Swim (T)
    • Tech Use (T)
    • Tracking (Talented)
    • Basic Weapon Training (Las)
    • Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)
    • Basic Weapon Training (SP)
    • Crack Shot
    • Deadeye Shot
    • Die Hard
    • Heightened Senses (Hearing)
    • Heightened Senses (Sight)
    • Lightning Reflexes
    • Marksmen
    • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
    • Mighty Shot
    • Pistol Training (Las)
    • Quick Draw
    • Rapid Reload
    • Resistance (Fear)
    • Sharpshooter
    • Sound Constitution x5
    • Step Aside
    • True Grit
Grim hails from the war-torn planet of Farcast, where a Chaos cult has engulfed the world. Service to the Emperor in His Imperial Guard is a fact of life for most of the men of Farcast. Grim was no exception to this rule, as he too was inducted into the Guard at a young age. Early in his career did Grim learn that only in death does duty end when a fellow grunt was engulfed by his overheating plasma gun. The resulting explosion, caused by the grenades on the poor souls corpse detonating, sent shrapnel into the squad. While many men fell to the scything metal, Grim was only knocked down. Plasma, while a mighty tool of the Emperor, was best left to those who do the blessing. It was at this point that Grim developed a distrust of plasma weaponry but in turn also a stronger faith in the Emperor. The dented belt buckle, bearing the symbol of the Aquila, is still worn by Grim today.

As time passed, Grim accomplished a feat that many guardsmen would never achieve. He survived. While not the smartest or strongest of his regiment, the slender built man began to develop into a better than fair shot. He was assigned a Long Las and given a headband, an item that signified his position as his squads DM. Grim racked up scores of confirmed kills and it wasn’t long until tales of the cold-blue eyed killer began to grow. It was at this time that others, beyond his unit, began to take notice.

The aging guardsmen found it terrifying that the Inquisition would be recruiting him into their service. The tales of the shadowy members of this organization were clouded in mystery and fear, best told around campfires or on watch duty in enemy lines. Now they had come for him. Left with little choice and still the desire to serve the Emperor, Grim boarded the lander and unfolded the next chapter in his life. It was during the early training stages that he was given his divination, “Men must die so that Man endures.” Such a concept didn’t frighten him as it is a way of life for the Imperial Guard.

Grim’s first mission as a member of the Holy Inquisition sent him to a far off world to deal with a corrupt planetary governor. During the course of the mission it was discovered that a Xenos threat, the cowardly Eldar, was involved. The complete outcome of the mission have been sealed away with a Vermillion clearance, only attainable by the highest of Inquisitors. After the mission, Grim seemed to have developed a nervous tic. This can be noticed as a sort of fidgeting, such as readjusting his belt. He now also mutters about “voodoo bullshit” whenever the unexplainable occurs. What is known is that Grim was the only member from the original group to make it back from the planet.


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