Abby of the Dawn:

An Adepta Sororitas fortification, no outsiders are permitted. Located in the mountains far to the west of Port Suffering.

Port Suffering:

Heavily fortified imperial outpost, contains refueling and minor repairs at a small starport (can handle only shuttle and small cargo transport sized craft) Refinery facilities for Ghostfire pollen, local and imperial populace mostly working in the refineries. Adeptus Administratum also has a counting house here. (((more)))

Stern Hope:

Located in a rocky valley in the mountainous region north of Port Suffering, this is a small community that has risen out of the local Ashleen as well as Imperial pilgrims. Recently destroyed by the psychic backlash of a demonic incursion being thwarted. Several of the villagers have renewed faith that the Emperor’s holy warriors will always be sent to protect this land. And that this holy site is destined to be the place where his heroes vanquish the Crow Father yet again.
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