Quintos Reichson


Potential Subject: Quintos Reichson
Homeworld: Kalth
Family: No surviving relatives
Prior Affiliations: Adeptus Administratum, Civilian Attachment to the Kalth 8063rd Imperial Guard Combat Hospital
Psyker Potential: No psyker relatives on record, no talent shown
Genetic Stability: 98%
Augmentations: Eyes, both, Grade-E, Model 513, Scintillan; Electro-Graft (palms, skull shunt); Sub-vocal binary transmitter.

Preliminary Psyche Eval: Dr. Reichson has two excellent skills that he uses as a focus for his othewise distracted mind. He throws himself into data-tracking and has an aptitude for following the labyrinthine bureaucracy of Imperial records. He also has a talented hand and medical knowledge that has made him a valueable asset. He is aware of the value of his skill and attempts to use his life-saving abilities as an offset for his ego in the face of his glaring flaw. The man is an abject coward. He has absolutely zero tolerance for pain, and would likely break quickly under common interrogation techniques. He has been known to leave comrades and those less able to flee behind while he seeks safety when confronted with life threatening danger. Even when cornered, he is likely to break down into a panic rather than stand and fight, though even in those situations, it has been noted that he retains functional mental capacity, able to outwit a potential enemy, and find creative escape plans. His mental fortitude in this capacity may allow him to serve without breaking down into insanity, even when faced with some of our greater enemies, though further testing will be required to see how his cowardice will affect any acolyte cells he is placed with.

When questioned about serving the Imperium, Quintos showed a surprising pride in his abilities. He knows that he is not able to serve with bolter and blade, but the pride in his skills does not come from megalomania, nor is he seeking recognition or personal glory (he has turned down peer awards, and passed up taking ‘easier’ high paying less meaningful jobs during his career). His pride in his talents seems to truly come from the fact that he feels this is how he can help humanity and ‘heal the Imperium’ (subject’s words).
It is noted that during his early Administratum service, he spent extra time organizing imperial archives, and our agents went back and double checked, several of the arcives on Imperial Cults were ‘accessed for evaluation of data-reclassification’ while he was working on them. Though this propensity to seek out all knowledge may lead him to some forbidden lore eventually, so far he shows no signs of corruption either at the cellular nor mental level. His mental capacity MAY allow him to assimilate some of the dark knowledges, however, due to his likeliness to use any creative means at his disposal to save his own life, these knowledges should only be bestowed slowly and with careful observation.

He has also had some opportunity for personal gain, as he could easily manipulate data coming and going from the facilities he was administrating, however, even after our most skilled Administratum adepts double-checked his work, he has shown surprising moral fortitude, and has not used his superior intellect for personal gain.
He also shows some talent when dealing with machine spirits, as he has dealt with many complex types of such spirits during his hospital career. It has been noted several times that he has either managed to coax an unwilling machine spirit back into service, or to teach one how to more efficiently operate; tech-adepts of the Kalth 8063rd fitted him with some implants in recognition of his care in working with machine-spirits. Before full integration, it is recommended that he be evaluated by an agent of the Mechanicum.

An odd footnote: He claims that ever since his sight was lost (during an Ork raid on Kalth) his sense of taste has allowed him to “enjoy the gifts of humanity” and he seeks out (and has been categorising for the administratum) many different types of ‘local’ cuisine from different parts of the sector. He has even used his administratum authority to re-route cargo ships for this purpose.

When psychically questioned about his motivations, he did not have a strong driving goal, though he feels that he has learned everything there is to learn from the hospital, and looks forward to learning more about the Imperium as a throne agent, and wants to use his knowledge and morals to help make the lives of imperial citizens safer and more rewarding.

Quintos Reichson

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